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Monday, January 17, 2011

Basketball Wives: Oh, The Drama...

So, last week this show had me on an emotional roller coaster. Jennifer...poor, poor Jennifer is still trying desperately to hang on to her husband who’s clearly moved on. Tami got drunk (and messy) and went completely off on Jennifer…about food stamps. This debacle happened at a charity event that Jennifer and Evelyn crashed! Speaking of Evelyn, she’s still trippin’ on Suze and Suze is still trying to avoid the situation.
This plot is old. Evelyn, if you’re going to beat her down, then just do it already and get it over with. Geesh!

Royce is still hanging tight with her boo, Dwayne. And Shaunie is still the mother hen…although she’s starting to get a ‘lil feisty.

The gauge on my guilt-O-meter wasn’t as high this week, though the fact that I've started rating my level of guiltiness from watching this show is disturbing.

So this week Tami decided to get lipo and Jennifer of all people gave her a surprise post op visit with flowers and card in hand. I loved her for that! But then she had to ruin my warm and fuzzy feeling by canceling on Royce at the last minute. She and Evelyn were scheduled to support Royce’s charity event, but they didn’t go. And the reason? They didn’t feel like it.

Funny…this one, they were invited to.

Royce didn’t take the news lightly and lit into both of them without hesitation. (Go Royce!) They tried to act like they didn’t care, but you could tell they sorta did.

Stay tuned for more fights, rants, backstabbing and pure unadulterated nonsense! Can’t say it’s guilt-free, but let’s face it…we all have our vices.