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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vintage Video: Michael Jordan

We're in the south...so things are limited for us...since we are snowed...I mean iced in. I'm in Charlotte right now.
So, here's another snow day post:

Remember in 1986 when Michael Jordan visited David Letterman?
I don't either. But here's some vintage video to entertain you.
He was only 23.

Michael Jordan circa 1986
Thanks Dime Magazine.  

On a side note, the New York Post reported on the Saturday that M.J. thought a woman fainted because of him.  
"As the woman was listening, Michael walked in, and she looked up and acknowledged him," said a source. "She then got so upset by what the doctor was saying about her son, she literally fainted to the floor. The next day, Michael called the front desk to make sure that 'the girl who passed out when she saw me was doing OK.' "