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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crazy Fan Holds Candlelight Vigils for Kobe's Health

As Kobe Bryant rolled into practice yesterday he did his usual stop to greet fans, but this Monday brought one of the most die-hard Kobe worshippers (literally) we've ever seen. TMZ caught the whole thing on camera.

Check the link:

The lady seemed to just be an everyday superfan until she admitted that she had held candlelit prayers every day last week praying for his health. She exclaimed that she was not praying for a Lakers win, but for Bryant's health because basketball was his life, his soul. She was praying for Kobe's soul. The woman then went on to blabber something about her husband golfing and how she had no right (...BUT) hadn't had anything signed from him in two years.

Also notice the guy revealing his man-love for Kobe while he quickly signed his signature. What did this guy expect? Kobe to say it back?

Kobe did his best not to quote Adam Sandler from Billy Madison, "lady... you're scaring us!", but it was clearly his time to exit.

This just goes to show how athletes are portrayed in American society. Kobe Bryant, awesome basketball player, likable personality, all-time Lakers great, man crush, idol, hero, savior.

Marty O'Connor
NBA FrontPage Los Angeles