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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Born Again Jazz

So long Boozer and hello Al Jefferson! Jazz fans have been thrilled to see the swift acclimation of center Al Jefferson into the Utah offense in the preseason. Further, Jefferson, or "Big Al" as he's been called recently, has developed a great friendship with all star point guard Deron Williams.

However the friendship isn't only based on the functionality of the "pick and roll" or D-Will's ability to get Big Al the ball in the post. The friendship has also been formed on religion of all things. To answer your question, neither of them are Mormon.

According to Brian T. Smith of the Salt Lake Tribune, Williams revealed to Jefferson that earlier this year he (Williams) had been baptized as a Christian. Jefferson, who had been raised Christian growing up in Mississippi, was thrilled to hear the news. “He got saved,” Jefferson said. “I didn’t know that about him. That was real good to hear. ... He said he has really done changed his life around.”

The chemistry of these two players means everything to the Jazz offense this season. If their religious beliefs can help to make this bond stronger, than they might be able to not only save their lives, but save this season for the Jazz as well.

Photo by Scott Sommerdorf