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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Was It the Shoes...

Brandon Jennings thinks his shoes are the reason he didn't get selected to the USA team. Hmm let's see, his finished 3rd to Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry for the Rookie of the Year award-one I thought he should have won, played overseas straight out of high school prior to the NBA and sprained an ankle at the tryouts.

Under Amour isn't exactly a household name in the hoops shoe market but that doesn't mean Jennings should have been dumped because of his kicks. 9 of the 12 players on Team USA rep Nike, with D Rose, Chauncey and Eric Gordon reppin' elsewhere. So I asked myself, who would I take, Jennings or Eric Gordon and it'd be BJ3. He has international experience, led a team to the playoffs and dimes it off like nobody's business. How many would Durant have gotten with Jennings feeding him the rock?