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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Science and Technology Back At Work With NBA Uniforms

Dwight Howard Tweeted about it yesterday and today we have a few more facts. Adidas will be supplying the NBA with new uniforms that are reported to be lighter and dry faster.

The All-Star jerseys from 2010, which Dwight is wearing here...

were the final versions. Here's what Travis Blasingame of Adidas told USA TODAY about the new uniforms

"When you talk to trainers and equipment managers, the majority of (players) are changing uniforms at halftime because things get so wet. ... We believe they are going to make guys more comfortable, make guys faster". "Our philosophy is you can't grab what you can't hold," says Blasingame. "Right now, with the baggier jerseys, especially come playoff time, people are grabbing and holding and everything else."

I guess with the reduction in weight of the uniforms it's somewhat possible to increase a players speed, jumping ability and fatigue factor but please don't go back to the tight shorts of the 80's just don't do it!