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Monday, September 20, 2010

Note for Groupies: Yi Jianlian is Off Limits

Thanks to our buddy at BlackSportsOnline.com for bringing this to our attention. It's quite a funny story.

Yi Jianlian

Jianlian is from China. He's been compared to a Yao MIng mini me. He's also been in the NBA for three years but still believes Chinese women are the best.
THREE YEARS into the NBA as well as the American life, Chinese basketball star Yi Jianlian doesn’t seem to have changed who he was in terms of his views on love and marriage, as he gives a point-blank “No” when asked about whether he would consider a mixed marriage.
“I’ll definitely marry a Chinese girl,” the low-profile star blushes at the question. “And it is not about aesthetic stuff, I am just not that open to a mixed marriage.”
He also reveals that he has not been chased by any women during his long stay in America.
“Foreign girls are usually more passionate. And I will not push myself on it (marriage),” he says with a smile. “It is not like making a dress, which can be done overnight.”