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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some wise words from Blake Griffin

Jeremy Lin has been the talk of the league for almost three weeks now, and took center stage at this weekend's all star festivities. Perhaps no one can better understand what Lin is going through than second-year Clippers star Blake Griffin, who also plays in a huge market and was the main attraction in last year's all star weekend.

"My advice to him is to say no to things that you are unsure of unless you really, really, really want to do something. If not, don’t do it," Griffin said. "It will be a whirlwind for him the rest of the season just because of a lot of media attention."

Blake Griffin dishes out advise to the young Jeremy Lin. Getty Images
According to Griffin, all the attention can be draining. In the month after all-star weekend last year, Blake's point and rebound totals dipped. Griffin claims he was not able to catch his breath until the middle of march.

He warns Lin to try to just enjoy every minute of it and not think to much. Good looking out Blake!

From Yahoo! Sports

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