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Monday, February 20, 2012

All Star Starters

It's All Star time and well, quite frankly the All-Star game isn't what it once was yet I still love it especially if it's close in the 4th.

Now I'm all about the fans and love the fans but sometimes fans you just don't get it right, but I guess that even more of a reason to love ya!.

LaMarcus Aldridge should be starting over Blake Griffin and that's Final. Come on Fans...dunks alone don't make you an All Star Starter yet I guess because it's 2012 it does. I just wonder how many write in votes would Lin have gotten had his act been played out say 2 weeks earlier. Doesn't matter he's STILL there. And Rondo and J-Smoove should be in. Ok I'm done.

Off my soap box. Here are the starters for the 2012 All Star Game. I'm going winners first so we start in the EAST...

The reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls

Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks

The South Florida running duo of Dwayne Wade and Lebron James start for the East

Dwight Howard of the hosting Orlando Magic

Chris Paul of the Lob City, oops Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Lakers' Andrew Bynum and Kobe Bryant. Bynum will be making his first appearance in the All Star Game.

Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma Thunder

Blake "I'll Throwdown On Your Head" Griffin will make his first appearance as an All Star starter

And some video to go with it!

Aight so a pretty stiff lineup either way. We;'ll see plenty of the sloppy and streetball play but like every year I hope it's close in the fourth so we can see the BEST players make plays in the end to brag about winning "the All Star Game that year", when we talk about it in 20 years.