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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baron Davis...The Good Ole Days

With the Knicks struggling on offense this year, Baron Davis has become their so called "savior" to making a strong playoff run. With years of chronic back issues, BD has lost the springs that made him such an exciting point guard in his earlier years. When he does finally make it on the court for NY they will get a great leader, floor general, and most of all a "true" point guard, which the Knicks lack greatly.
So who remembers the younger Baron? This might refresh your memory. When you talk about in-game dunks like the "disgusting" one the other night Blake Griffin put on Kendrick Perkins neck. You have to add this one with Blake's, mind you it was a playoff game, Warriors vs. Jazz, 2007. You have to listen to the Warriors announcers, their lines are classic:
"Baron shoves it down on Kirilenko's head."
"That's your point guard in on your premier shot blocker, put that on your flat top!"