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Friday, October 22, 2010

Only 11 fans want free season tickets to Pistons games

It appears that adding Tracy McGrady to an already crowded back court wasn't enough to stimulate Pistons' fans senses this week.

The always witty and innovative Pistons marketing team put together another creative promotion entering the 2010-11 season, offering 50 fans free season tickets. All they had to do was head down to the Palace and audition on Wednesday, showing their team spirit and cheering prowess.

Considering the Pistons are facing an ownership change and a still-miserable Detroit economy, this seemed like a great way to raise excitement about a team that is always near the top of NBA attendance.

It didn't work.

According to Neal Rubin of The Detroit News, only 300 fans actually registered for the event, with 11yes, ELEVENpeople showing up. For a city that has almost always backed its teams through good and bad (see: Lions and Tigers) it's a wonder why no one would show up for this event, even considering the team missed the playoffs for the first time in almost a decade last season. Then again, the team did make attending all 41 regular season home games a requirement.

Either way, the Pistons are hoping for a mulligan on this one. On Friday, the team will offer fans a second chance to make the "Power Plant" cheering section before Detroit's final tune-up against Memphis. Or, as the Pistons are billing it, the "next round" of auditions.

As mentioned above, the team's marketing department has always been a cut above the rest. From the blue-collar "Going to Work" theme in 2004 to this year's DETermination (get it?) slogan, the Motor City's NBA squad has always caught the attention of its fans.

Now, it looks like fans are about as determined to support this season's campaign as Charlie Villanueva is to grab a rebound.

Photo courtesy of The Detroit News.