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Friday, October 22, 2010

Lebron James sends a message to his haters via Twitter

Lebron James uses Twitter to talk to his "fans"
Lebron James has had quite an eventful summer. He went on live television to dump his hometown team, he moved to Miami, he created a Twitter account and he became one of the most hated athletes alive. Quite the accomplishment. It turns out that unlike on Facebook, the people who follow you on Twitter are not your friends.  James learned that the hard way when many angry "fans" took to the social media site to lash out at James and tell him exactly how they felt about his "decision".

A lot of the tweets sent to @kingjames included that usual immature banter used by any scorned sports fan.  They called him a "bitch", a "loser", "trader", "stupid". Most of the tweets were harmless.  There were a few references to James committing suicide which were rather tasteless, but over all they were basically just another case of people feeling more powerful behind a computer screen than they ever would in person. Would any of these people actually have the nerve to say any of these things to Lebron James face to face? Chances are standing in front of a 6'8, 250 pound man made of muscle they would feel a lot less comfortable telling James to "speaking by laying your head in front of a moving car". 

There were also a few racist and just plain ignorant messages sent to James, but in the age of the internet things like that are unavoidable. Internet trolls aren't new to the internet, it would probably be better for James to simply ignore them.  Lebron James has always been a fun loving guy on the court. He throws chalk in the air before games, he dances to Eminem on the court and he has a smile on his face the whole time. If James can go back to being the guy he was before the fiasco of this summer began, I don't think he'll have much issue with these "haters" for much longer.