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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Report: Phil Jackson officially squashes all Jordan to Bryant comparisons

Yesterday when it came again,...you know the Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant comparison...and "you know coach...you dealt with both of them..."

Phil Jackson
Lakers head coach Phil Jackson, finally had enough. He said:
“We have to take Michael Jordan out of the equation. Stop comparing anyone to Michael Jordan. It’s just not fair. He was remarkable. Kobe’s in his own sphere. He doesn’t shoot the same percentage [.455] as Michael [.497]. He has the same characteristics as Michael, but he’s not the same player. It takes nothing away from him — he’s a great player in his own right.”

*Debate over. The Zen Master has spoken.


Big Hooper said...

ok Phil so are you saying Kobe is better or MJ, one minute it sounds like MJ the next Kobe. Who would you take in Game 7 of the Finals is the real question