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Friday, March 25, 2011

Carmelo Anthony's Wife Clears up Rumors of infidelity once and for all!

LaLa Vazquez
LaLa Vazquez Anthony is a celebrity in her own right. So she recently took New York radio for a candid chat. 
(it's about 20mins...)

The YBF.com narrowed down the important highlights for you:

* Bump groupies, Lala says she's used to them from his whole career. Plus, she believes he knows he has more respect for her after 8 years than to cheat.
* The story about Carmelo having an alleged love child is laughable. She wouldn't still be his wife if it were true.
* She's not doing "Basketball Wives." The show doesn't work for her.
* Her "Full Court Life" show debuts in August on VH1. She also just shot a film with Val Kilmer and is auditioning for several shows as this is "pilot season."
* When asked why she "allowed" Kim to record that mess of a record, she defended her girl. She said the record was for charity and Kim was having fun even though she's not known for singing. So she's happy she could do that and we should "cut her some slack." (SIIIIGHHHHH)
* She defended Ciara saying her album didn't do well because there was a lot of transitions behind the scenes with management and such. She believes her album was great and she's a great performer. Oh, and she said Ci's going to the game's with HER, not for Amar'e. (Mmmhmm)
* On Chris Brown hoopla: "Chris is definitely a friend of myself and Melo's. If we weren't there... If God can forgive, who are we? That man as been through a lot. He's paid his debt to society 10x over."
* She says she and Carmelo argue about Melo being a homebody and she wants to go out often.
* She's not a good cook, but Melo is.
* She doesn't have a live-in nanny or help--chick is even using Dreft laundry detergent for her baby as she does do her own laundry. Loves it.
* About not getting along with the Knick wives, she recently discovered the reason they haven't reached out to her is because there ARE no wives. But she's meeting more of the fiance's and girlfriends.
* She's addicted to shoes and works hard to buy what she wants.
* La says she doesn't want anymore kids. She had a tough pregnancy and she doesn't want to put her body through it again. Adoption in the future is an option though.
* Telling family "No" is hard now especially since she's back in NY with her family. They're always asking for tix to the games and it's extrememly difficult.
* Yeah--she's sent Melo naked pics. You gotta keep the marriage fresh.