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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Spotted: LeBron Hollywood's it Up

Last night LeBron James continued his off season west coast tour by stopping for dinner in West Hollywood.
Despite him celebrating his new life in the sun, he still showed his love for Ohio. It's his home town after all.

James took out a full page newspaper ad  in Tuesday's Akron Beacon Journal showing appreciation to his Ohio hometown fans.  In the ad, Bron Bron thanks Akron residents for their love and support and calls the city his home and the "central focus" of his life.  There was one glaring omission in the ad though...he said nothing about nearby Cleveland, where he played seven seasons for the Cavaliers.Last month he announced his decision to move on to the Miami Heat, leaving some Cavs fans feeling burned. The ad features photos of James in Akron, including at his annual charity bike-a-thon. This year's event is scheduled for Saturday.  According to the Akron Beacon Journal, James will hand out bikes to 400 local kids, then join the mile-long ride in Akron.

James is also getting support from local politicians in the area.  When asked about James, Council President Marco Sommerville said:
No matter what his decision was, he's still from Akron, Ohio.  He's a hometown person who we need to support.


Ray said...

why does he look so scruffy?