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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Off Season: LeBron Back Home

So he decided to show his face in the place, huh? Checking around to see if the fires (litterally) have been put out?

After hosting a bike-a-thon in Akron over the weekend, Lebron James, Savannah, and fam all hit Cedar Point 
Amusement Park yesterday.

Reportedly, Lebron and his fam were heckled and boo'd while they hit Cedar Point Amusement Park. But  fans still followed their every move and Tweeted pics. Hooray for the fans! Now we have them!

While playing one of the arcade basketball games, a woman yelled, "I bet you miss"; a man chimed in, "Bron, shoot left-handed; your elbow hurts!" Another shouted, "Just like Game 5," after one of James' misses.

Bron Tweeted: "Man its Mayhem up here at Cedar Point! Got my own 3G network following me. Haaaaaaa."  But then erased it, likely to not cause ruckus of even more people going there just to gawk at him.

Oh, yeah...and video.