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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Survey Says...Chris Paul

Ok from Ray Combs doing his little backwards dance at the end the show to Steve Harvey having a contestant answer being "a Joint" to "Something You Pass Around" 'Family Feud' is just one of those game shows that no matter how the times change it will always be watched or played by those on Facebook day in and day out.

Really your walking a mall and somebody ask you what did you use to cook Thanksgiving dinner and you say Turkey, more than likely it's the "number one answer", does 'Family Feud' enter into your mind, probably not until your sitting around on family night or bored in the dorm and it happens to be on and you are there to see who gets to 300 points first and guessing right along with them.

Well your human as is Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets. Dave Walker of The Times-Picayune has the scoop on just how human CP3 is and his family made the cut and will appear on 'Family Feud'

...Chris Paul and his family will play "Family Feud" next week to benefit Paul's CP3 Foundation. The episode is scheduled to air at 3 p.m. Tuesday (Nov. 1) on WGNO.

According to a news release, the Paul team applied and auditioned for the show, hosted by Steve Harvey, just as any family can. (The show's contestant hotline: 323.762.8467.)

Family members participating in the game show will be Chris, brother C.J., dad Charles, mom Robin and aunt Rhonda.

The opposing team will be the O'Haras from Revere, Mass. They'll play for $100,000 and a car.

Wait you mean Paul just didn't call the show and say 'hey I wanna be on" and got it granted to him like that. Nope had to call like all of the other families and make the cut. Maybe during this lockout we'll continue to realize how human many of our stars are.

Of course you'll have to check your local listings but it should be fun to see CP3 and family try to win the game, after all it's a real life family game night right?

You just know Harvey is going to find some kind of humor with Paul at some point, let's just hope he size CP3 up about the lockout.