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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another Honor For The Legendary Bill Russell

Youth mentoring, active in human rights, 11-time champion, Hall of Famer (who has never visited the Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA) describes none other than Bill Russell.

The former Boston Celtic has been living longer than he earned a living lacing them up yet it's those years in his life where he can have the most effect. The saying is were all big kids. Why doesn't that apply to the elderly as well. In his mid 70's Bill Russell is still being a kid while being a stand up man and true to Bill Russell. His wisdom and experience is something each and everyone of us could use a little dose of from time to time.

William Felton Russell will be honored with a statue soon erected in Boston, MA. The Boston Celtic Shamrock Foundation and the Bill Russell Legacy Committee will fund the project.

From Julian Benbow, Russell stated via release...

“I am uncomfortable with honors such as this but my years as captain of the Boston Celtics were the proudest moments of my career.Mayor [Thomas] Menino’s Boston has proven to be a city that embraces the diverse contributions of all its people and neighborhoods. I am thankful to the Celtics and all the contributors for the effort to create such a wonderful mentoring program.”

For a man to be honored by the sports Hall of Fame and never set foot in the building you have to believe him.

Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca and president of the Shamrock Foundation said...

“Bill Russell will forever be remembered in Boston, and it’s fitting that the ultimate benefactors of his legacy will be future generations of our beloved city’s youth.”

Bill Russell should be remembered everywhere, from Monroe, LA to San Francisco to wherever. Russell was honored by President Barak Obama with a Medal of Freedom Award earlier this year, there is also the Bill Russell Mentoring Grant Program and Bill Russell Legacy Fund