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Thursday, August 5, 2010

UPDATE: Love: Matt Barnes And Gloria Govan's Wedding CANCELLED

Friends close to the "perfect couple" claim that a text message alerted them on the cancellation of the wedding for new Lakers player Matt Barnes and VH1's "Basketball Wives" castmate Gloria Govan.

theybf.com got an email last night reporting the details to this story. Here's the message:

This is regarding Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan's failed wedding. I have known Matt for 10+ years and his sister and I are best friends.. Gloria is a gold digger and NOBODY in Matt's family likes her. Gloria got pregnant after dating matt for only 10 months. She planned it. When Matt lost his mother from an unfortunate battle with cancer Gloria's family took Matt under their wings so that allowed him to let his guard down. Matt ended their reltionship previously because Matt discovered Gloria was writing checks to pay off the debt her mother got her into (they have the same name), only to find out two weeks later she was pregnant with the boys. Two days before Matt's charity event Athletes vs Cancer which was held on the weekend of July 24th, Gloria took a golf club to Matt's 150k mercedes busting out the windshield and other damage... That was the straw that broke the camels back for Matt. Matt's true love is former Miss California Tamiko.
Anyways, EVERYBODY loved Tamiko because she is a genuinely sweet girl. I hope Matt ends this relationship with Gloria indefinitely. Currently, Gloria still resides in Matt's house, but she sleeps in the guest room.  She claims she won't go to her home in Oakland without the boys.    Source

Matt Barnes recently just signed a new contract with the Los Angeles Lakers and was preparing for a wedding to his fiance on August 21. However, they have called off the wedding.

Many of the guests attended another wedding over the weekend when they received the news via text message. When they replied and asked what happened the only response was, "Please respect my privacy."

We are not sure if it is postponed or actually canceled, however since Matty loves to tweet, we are sure he'll post his feelings soon. Our eyes our peel, cuz' we follow him.


Anonymous said...

That's what she gets for acting hollier than thou. I knew it was going to come back to bite her, just not that soon. haha.

Angel said...

who cares?

Chris P said...

oooh, I knew she was shady! poor matt, now he's stuck with her because of the kids.