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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chris Paul Booed at Dodgers Game!

It's not often that an athlete gets booed in his own city, regardless of the venue. So what was Clippers guard Chris Paul doing that was horrible enough to have thousands of Dodger fans booing him? Strangely, nothing. The 26-year old was shown on the video screen with his 2-year old son wearing a Dodgers cap and smiling. To his surprise, the fans, presumably Laker faithful, let him have it.

"They booed me bad," Paul said in an appearance on Tuesday's Jay Leno show. "I was just happy that my son didn't know what was going on."

Chris Paul with his son, Christopher, at Sunday's Dodger game. Associated Press
Apparently, being a nice family guy who wears the right apparel is not enough to avoid the wrath of L.A. sports fans.

From Yahoo! Sports

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