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Monday, January 2, 2012

Mo Williams the New Chauncey Billups?

Who would have thought that Mo Williams would be an afterthought after the Los Angeles Clippers went on a shopping spree this past offseason. We won't even get into who they grabbed since the entire NBA fan base was all over it.

In case you forgot...Mo Williams was snagged from the Cleveland Cavaliers for Baron Davis and a few other players and picks, trying to rebuild for 2012 and beyond. While he was a big deal when he closed out the season with the Clippers, he has faded away a bit from the spotlight now that Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and co. have stolen the show. Mo is still a starter...but how unknown is he now? Well...watch this video during the starting lineups when the Clippers took on Chicago Friday:

Could it be that Mo is just as good as Chauncey? He has been out since Thursday night and Mo has been playing in place of him. Its OK Mo...you've always got a place in our hearts no matter what.