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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shaq...Hangs It Up, Calls It A Career

The Tweet came at 2:45pm EST from Shaquille O'Neal with a linked attached via tout.com where he told the general public/fans that he was retiring. The retirement is still not "official" but all signs (remember the last time he attempted to run the floor) points to this being a done deal. The class, (or lack of some would say), persona and comedy that Shaq brought in every city, including the ones where he visited as an opponent, will be unmatchable. Even with this whole retirement thing he's having fun. Press conference at the house, sitting a round and trippin' off old times, yea that's so "Shaq". From Orlando to Boston he collected 4 rings in 6 Finals appearances, 15 All-Star selections (13 games played), a lone regular season MVP but those 3 Finals MVP's will suffice, numerous self-given nicknames and bows out with 28,596 career points sitting 5th all-time (until Kobe passes him)

Two Finals appearances in the Magic Kingdom but no rings....

After a trade to LA he spent 8 years and collected championship hardwood 3-times with Kobe Bryant...

After the feud with Kobe, Shaq took his act to South Beach, long before we spoke of "talents" being taken there. His fourth ring would be won (first minus Kobe but a hell of a sidekick in Dwyane Wade was there to aid)

It was then on to Phoenix where he's most remembered for not being able to defend the pick and role as the thirsty "Big Cactus"....

It was then "win a ring for the King" in the place beside the Lake in Cleveland. However it didn't end that way a bum thumb midseason...

And in his elusive pursuit to win that fifth ring, he suited up in Celtic Green which was going just fine until the body said "no more" and it appears he's listened to it...

All in all love him or hate him he, made you laugh, dominated the paint, clanked free throws and won those championships. He didn't change any rules in the paint but he made the engineers of the basket work to prevent him from pulling down the shot clock on his head again, meaning once he could demand the double team it was time to go.

Look for him in a broadcast booth? Come'on you know you'd listen to that commentary next season. He's won and played with other stars that will fill out HD viewing and listening pleasures enroute to their championship pursuit.

***All we can say is Thanks Big (fill in whichever nickname you want)***


Carl said...

He was the Man! The best Center to ever play the Game! I say this Emphatically, because he is the nest and will be greatly missed. You talk about sacrificing your body when LBJ comes to the hole, step in front of Shaq Diesel! #GONE