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Friday, September 10, 2010

Love: Dwight Howard vs Royce Reed and the Baby

D Howard and baby
Dwight Howard and the mother of his son Royce Reed got into another battle and this time the police were called. Dwight went to pick up their two year old son from a daycare facility and Royce went crazy and called the police because it wasn't Dwight's day to pick up his son.

Royce Reed and son

By the time Royce arrived at the daycare, Dwight had already left with his son and the police soon called the NBA player. He then explained that he and his ex made a new agreement that gave him the right to pick up his son on that day. The cops spoke to lawyers on both sides who said that although a new agreement was reached it was never signed and the police ordered Dwight to return his son to the daycare immediately. 

Whew! This situation is getting crazier by the day. Royce is already legally gagged from using any association with Dwight directly or indirectly on the show 'Basketball Wives'.  So, of course we'll keep you posted on the next set of events in this on going drama.